Building helpful and honest AI assistants for legal teams

Accelerate decisions and cut external spending with atla’s AI research assistant. Our technology summarizes legal documents, lets users ask follow-up questions, and generates reliable answers. Get legal insights, not billable hours.

Process-based reasoning
leads to reliable results

atla helps legal professionals search through millions of texts, then uses machine learning to extract key information from each source. Our algorithmic framework breaks down complex questions and empowers lawyers to observe answer generation.
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Supported by global leaders from
An experienced team of entrepreneurs

Who we are

We have brought together a leadership team of startup veterans, legal experts, AI researchers, and engineers that have successfully scaled multiple businesses.


atla's founders have previously built and led successful businesses across software, AI, and commerce.

Artificial Intelligence

Our leadership team have spent over a decade as business leaders, researchers, and engineers in the field of AI.

Operational excellence

Together, our team has built and led organizations of hundreds of people, as well as scaled product and engineering teams at rapid pace.