Founded for a future with safe AI

We’re a team of researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs and operational leaders, with experience spanning a variety of disciplines, all working together to build reliable and understandable AI systems.

About Atla

The core team that is formed at the beginning of a company is the biggest determinant of its success. Which is why we are very proud of the team we’ve assembled to date and hope if you are reading this you’ll consider joining the mission.


We believe big missions are achieved by small groups of people who are exceptionally capable, driven, and committed to the problem they are tackling.



Our founders are AI researchers, engineers, and startup veterans who are passionate about the safety of AI and have successfully scaled multiple businesses.


Applied Research

We conduct frontier AI research and translate it into tangible, practical tools that benefit developers, businesses, and civil society around the globe.



Together, our team has built and led organizations of hundreds of people, as well as scaled product and engineering teams at rapid pace.

Join our mission

Help us make a dent in the universe by contributing to the safe development of artificial general intelligence.