Advance the potential and safety of AI

We're building the world's most capable AI evaluation model & the tools to unlock the full potential of language models for developers.


We believe AI will transform our world, with the potential for both enormous good and great harm.

To bring about a positive technological future, one of abundance for humanity where artificial intelligence drives progress in science, health, and education, we need AI systems that are safe and aligned with human values.

Achieving this vision means developers need the ability to assess both the capabilities and risks of the systems they build. This is our focus at Atla.


Our ambition is to steer humanity towards safer AI development. Here’s how we plan to get there:


Enable AI developers to reach the full potential of their applications with the best evaluation models.


Use our understanding of AI capabilities, risks, and vulnerabilities from step one to build safety guardrails that minimize model failures.


Build reliable and interpretable general purpose AI systems.
Our first major milestone in step one is to significantly surpass the state of the art for evaluation that is currently held by general purpose models. To do this we are focused on training a language model that is entirely oriented towards evaluation.
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